Baptism is also known as Christening. We baptise people of any age.

The font

Children under 7

Children who are under 7 years old are baptised at our main 10.00am service on any of the following Sundays (2017):

Arranging a baptism

If you would like to consider baptism for your child come to one of our services and speak to one of the clergy team or to the Churchwardens. Alternatively please email .

You are welcome to have your child baptised (christened) in St Leonard’s provided you live in the parish, or if you are a regular member of the congregation.

To find out if you live in St Leonard’s parish please check with our parish map or go to A Church Near You and click on “Search by Postcode or Place”.

Children are baptised in the Church of England on the understanding that their parents will bring them up to be Christians and encourage them to come to church.

We book a maximum of either three families or 100 guests at a Baptism service, whichever is the smaller; except on Easter Day when there is no limit. (There is no limit on the number of guests a family may invite, but we will not book two families expecting large numbers of guests at the same service.

Your child will need to have at least three godparents, all of whom should have been baptised themselves.

There is a rehearsal in church on the Saturday before the Baptism Sunday to prepare for the service. It is usually at 11.30am. It is important that parents and candidates are at the rehearsal. Godparents are also welcome to join if they are around.

A useful guide to planning and going to a Church of England christening service can be found here.

Children over 7

Children over 7 years old are usually baptised on Easter Day and admitted to communion at the same time. Children being admitted to communion meet weekly after the New Year to prepare for receiving for communion for the first time. Please email if you would like to join a preparation group.

Young People and Adults

Young people over 14 and adults who wish to be baptised are usually baptised by the Bishop at the Deanery confirmation service. Candidates for baptism and confirmation usually meet weekly over a couple of months to prepare prior to the confirmation service. There are currently no confirmation classes at St Leonard’s during our ‘interregnum’ (while we are without a Rector). However, one of the clergy at St Leonard’s will be happy to speak with you about this. Please email .