Streatham and Beyond

The faith of people at St Leonard’s extends well beyond our Sunday services and our support of one another. We are active in our support of local and global groups.

There are 24,705 children in the constituency of Streatham. More widely, they fall under Lambeth Council where 1,191 children are known to children’s services because of abuse and neglect. We support the Children’s Society in their work tackling these issues. Their website highlights the approach they take, which is only possible due to support from parishes like ours. You can read more from them about the theology of listening to young people in “Whoever has ears, let them hear” (pdf).

St Leonard’s supports the work of Christian Aid through fund-raising during Christian Aid Week and at Harvest Festival, and in response to urgent appeals.

Our Church Hall is on a permanent long lease to the The Spires, which began its life through St Leonard’s and is now a leading South London Homeless Charity.


We are a Fairtrade Church, aiming to always serve Fairtrade refreshments at our events and services.

We support our local Norwood & Brixton Foodbank.

We are committed to building excellent interfaith friendships and are a member of Faiths Together in Lambeth.

St Leonard’s is a host destination for the Streatham Faith Trails.

And we are also supportive of Love Streatham.

Love Streatham