Notice of proposed improvement to lighting in St Leonard’s

You may be aware that, as part of our redevelopment programme, we are improving the lighting in St Leonard’s. The proposed change is to update the theatre lighting rig that has been in place for many years and to replace the lamps or ‘light heads’. The changes will make the lighting eco-friendly, better for people with eyesight issues, and will look better. Those of you who know St Leonard’s will be aware that our old lighting system is gradually failing. We have the funds and the workforce. However, we have one final bit of ‘process’ to complete…

This process is that the Church of England requires permission to be gained for any change to churches. Part of this is to invite any objection to the change through a publicly-displayed notice. This notice is usually put on the church door for 30 days. In this situation with Covid, we were able to display the notice for 20 days before lock down. We have discussed it with the  Diocese and Archdeacon, who have advised us to display it on our website for a further 10 to meet this standard. So, that is what we are doing.  

The notice and key documents are here.  Any queries or objections, please contact me  before 10th June at

Thank you
Caroline Leveaux
Volunteer Redevelopment Coordinator

Notice of Application for Faculty

Lighting Specification

A/B List Classification