If you have recently lost a loved one, please be assured that your local church is there for you. Helping people through life’s difficult times is something the church has always done and is a vital part of our ministry today. If you would like us to pray with you or simply need someone to talk to, whatever your beliefs, the Rector or one of the Ministry Team will be happy to assist.

A Church Funeral

Everyone is entitled to a Church of England funeral in their local church, regardless of whether they attended church or not. Whilst many people opt for a service at the crematorium, there are advantages to a church funeral, not least the peaceful atmosphere of a place hallowed by centuries of worship – and there are not usually any time constraints.

Burial or Cremation

Like most churchyards in London, St Leonard’s churchyard has been closed for burials for a long time. The usual practice nowadays is to have the funeral service in church prior to a short committal at the local crematorium or a private burial ground.

A small area of St Leonard’s churchyard is set aside for interment of ashes following a funeral and subsequent cremation.

Arranging a Funeral at St Leonard’s

Arrangements will normally be made in consultation with the funeral directors, but do feel free to contact us directly as well. Please email the Rector or contact the Parish Office.

For more information please also see the Church of England funerals website.