The present organ was built by JW Walker & Sons and installed at the west end of the gallery in 1979. The previous organ, located on the north side of the chancel, had been completely destroyed in the fire of 1975.

It is a two-manual, tracker-action organ based on a specification drawn up by the then Director of Music, Thomas McLelland-Young. The case was designed by the architect, Douglas Feast, using the same red Canadian pine as elsewhere in the church. Space was at a premium and the burnished pipes on the facade are not dummies but the working pipes of the Open Diapason.

Gillian Weir gave the inaugural recital. Since then Nicolas Kynaston, John Scott and Jane Parker-Smith are among those to have played it. The instrument is currently maintained by NP Mander & Sons.

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(22 speaking stops)

Open diapason 8 Viola da gamba 8 Bourdon 16
Stopped diapason 8 Voix céleste 8 Principal 8
Principal 4 Chimney flute 8 Bass flute 8
Blockflute 2 Venetian flute 4 Nachthorn 4
Nazard 2 2/3 Principal 2 Gemshorn 2
Tierce 1 3/5 Sharp mixture III 1 Bombarde 16
Mixture III 1 1/3 Krummhorn 16  
Trompette 8 Trumpet 8  
Tremulant   Tremulant    
Swell to Great   Swell to Pedal
    Great to Pedal


4 Pedal toe pistons Reversible Swell to Great thumb piston
4 Swell toe pistons Reversible Great to Pedal thumb and toe pistons
4 general pistons Reversible Swell to Pedal thumb piston
4 Swell thumb pistons Balanced Swell pedal
4 Great thumb pistons Great and Pedal pistons coupled