Getting married at St Leonard’s

Getting married in St Leonard’s Church is open to those who live in the parish or who have a qualifying connection to the church. Please visit the Church of England weddings website to check the legal aspects of getting married in church, and find out all about planning your ceremony. If you wish to get married at St Leonard’s Church or wish to have your banns read here, please email us in the St Leonard’s Parish Office and one of our office team will get in touch with you.

Photos by Lyndsey Goddard

Banns of Marriage

Before a wedding takes place in the Church of England, banns need to be read in the parish where each of you lives, as well as in the church in which you are to be married if that is somewhere else.

Do you live in the parish of St Leonard, Streatham? If you are unsure which parish you live in, check with our parish map or go to A Church Near You and click on “Search by Postcode or Place”.

For more information and to arrange reading of banns, please email us in the St Leonard’s Parish Office.