St Leonard’s 2021 Appeal

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. Covid-19 has impacted almost every area of our lives and St Leonard’s church is no exception. 

In 2016 our building was placed on the “Heritage at Risk” register, not least because our roof was leaking badly in several places. Since then we have renewed both the south and north sides of the roof, addressed structural issues in the north porch and renewed our kitchen, toilets, seating, boilers, sound system and lighting.

Thank you for the support you gave to this incredible achievement!

The Final Push – East End Roof & Window Repairs

There remains a final section of roof to be repaired and several windows that need desperately to be relieved of Perspex covers which are damaging the lead and stonework. These include our three stained glass windows at the East End of the church.

We are delighted that St Leonard’s has successfully secured grants this year of £50,227 towards these urgent repairs. These awards, from Viridor and Heritage England, have got us to 39% of our target.

St Leonard’s PCC has allocated a further £28,424 to the project, but closure for public worship and the lack of opportunities to hold fund raising events this year has meant that we need to appeal for further support. To hit our target we need to raise a further £25,000.

The Challenge – £25,000

We continue to apply for grants but need to look to our own community for help as well.

An Opportunity to Say “Thank You”!

Many of you have said that St Leonard’s has been a lifeline during the Pandemic. We have worked together in a whole variety of ways to ensure that everyone stayed connected, and that those in greatest need were supported.

Perhaps you could donate to this appeal as your way of saying “Thank you” to God for all that St Leonard’s has meant to you in this past year?


How Can I Donate?

The simplest way to donate is via our Total Giving page.

Please add a message to say that your gift is for St Leonard’s 2021 Appeal and don’t forget to Gift Aid if you are a taxpayer.

If you would prefer to donate by cheque or some other means, please contact the Parish Office for details.

Thank you for your support!